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Transport for NSW (TfNSW) has taken the lead in making changes to the way that they do business as a result of the COVID19 Pandemic. One of the changes that they have made is doing more of their work away from the office. The Enrolment Services section of TfNSW are now processing all of the new Bus Driver Authority Card applications remotely.

As part of this decision, they are no longer accepting paper applications. This applies to applications that are either posted or taken in person. Up until now the only place that a Bus Authority Card application could be submitted was in person at the RMS (now TfNSW) in Parramatta. Applications for Bus Authority Cards could not be submitted through Service NSW branches. The Parramatta office is no longer accepting these in person applications either.

To try and alleviate some of the confusion TfNSW has removed the .pdf version of the paper application form from their website. With the form no longer available applicants must use the online application service. The online application service is now the only way to submit these applications. TfNSW has a link in the Bus Authority section of their website. The link is here.

What does this mean for Intertrain Bus Authority students?

Intertrain Will no longer be printing a prefilled copy of the application form for students and posting it with the certificate.

TfNSW has given Intertrain some guidance on the submission of our certificates using the online service.

Applicants must do one of the following.

  1. Post their original certificate to Enrolment Services PO Box 3185 Parramatta 2124
  2. Make a copy of the certificate and get it certified by a JP and post the certified copy to Enrolment Services
  3. Make a copy of the certificate and get it certified. Then scan the certified copy and upload it as part of the application process with TfNSW

TfNSW have not indicated when they will begin accepting paper applications again. So the shift to online applications will stay in place indefinitely.

If you have recently submitted your NSW Bus Driver Authority application and are not sure if it has been accepted you can contact them using these details:

Phone: 02.8848.8700

Email :


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