How to Become a Bus Driver? Everything You Need to Know
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How to become a bus driver in NSW
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How to become a bus driver in NSW

The thought of getting behind the wheel of a bus for the first time may sound intimidating. Do not be discouraged! Intertrain can make the process of becoming a bus driver less daunting.

There are two main documents that you need before you consider jumping behind the wheel of a bus with 13 seats or more in NSW:

1. Heavy Vehicle Licence:

The first document required to be qualified to drive a bus is the Heavy Vehicle Licence.

Most route buses only have two axles, one at the front that steers the bus, and one at the back that drives it. A bus like this (that is over 8 Tonne GVM) requires at least a Medium Rigid (MR) licence.

MR licence training and assessment, although covering trucks and buses, can be performed using a bus. This gives prospective drivers a headstart before they have even passed their heavy vehicle licence test. By doing such training using a bus, drivers have already spent a day behind the wheel of a bus in a controlled, safe environment with a skilled and qualified Driving Instructor.

Obtaining a heavy vehicle licence can be achieved through completing Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (HVCBA). Driving Instructors who undertake this assessment must fulfil compulsory criteria such as:

  • pre-start inspections;
  • braking;
  • steering;
  • reversing and hill starts.

2. Bus Driver Authority Card:

The second document you need to drive a passenger vehicle with 13 seats or more is a Driver Authority Card. The RMS issues these cards.

As part of the application for a Bus Driver Authority Card, applicants must complete a training course.

Intertrain is registered with Transport for NSW and the RMS to deliver this course.

This course is delivered online, meaning it can be completed in the comfort of your own home. Not only is it more convenient, but it reduces your carbon footprint. Intertrain doesn’t need to print paper books for you to use and you don’t need to travel to the training location.

Once your training is complete Intertrain will issue you your certificate that must be included in your Bus Authority Application.

Additional documentation when applying to become a Bus Driver:

In addition to this training, there are several other crucial documents that you must collect for your application:

  • National Police Check: The RMS needs you to submit a police check verified within 3 months of submitting your Bus Driver Authority application. Intertrain works with National Crime Check to ensure that the certificate that you get will be accepted by the RMS with your application.
  • Working With Children Check: Almost all work in the bus industry involves the transport of children. Employers require bus drivers to have a Working With Children Check clearance. This is processed through Service NSW for Kids Guardian. The Working With Children Check in NSW makes sure that the people that work with children have not been charged with certain offences. The Kids Guardian website gives more specific information on the check.

Application checklist:

Once the application is completed, an application checklist and application summary are sent to you. Below is a revised edition of the checklist:

  • Signed Application Form
  • Medical Assessment Form
  • Two Photographs (One certified by a JP)
  • A Copy of your NSW Driver Licence
  • Your Certificate from Intertrain
  • Evidence of Citizenship and Visa Status
  • Applicant Declaration Signed
  • Driving History for the last 5 years (Only if you have held a Driver Licence from another state or territory in that time)
  • A non-refundable application fee ($70) for consideration and processing of your application

Once you have included everything in this list, applicants can then send the application, including all documentation, to Enrolment Services PO Box 3185 Parramatta NSW 2124

Other important factors when considering becoming a bus driver in NSW

Just because you have a Bus Authority Card and a MR licence, it doesn't mean that you are ready to launch into a new career as a bus driver. There are a few other things that will help.

Buses are unique heavy vehicles that perform specific tasks. Even driving a truck of the same size is different to driving a bus. Intertrain can train people to perform the specific functions of a bus driver using real bus routes and interchanges. Students gain valuable exposure to driving a bus in real situations under the supervision of a NSW Driving Instructor.

Our four hour Verification of Competency (VoC) course gives drivers the chance to learn these skills and can take away a record of their skills. This VoC will be performed by a skilled Driving Instructor that can prepare you for the day to day work of a bus driver.

Bus drivers deal with passengers almost all day, including children. It is important that all bus drivers have a friendly and pleasant approach to their work daily, smile often and ensure the safety and comfort of their passengers at all times.

If you are interested in becoming a bus driver in NSW, contact Intertrain today on 1300 222 776 or find out more on

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