National Crime Check

If you are going to work as a Bus Driver, you will require a Bus Driver Authority. One of the steps to getting your Driver’s Authority is to complete a National Crime Check.

Bus drivers have a significant responsibility in our society. They are responsible for driving vehicles up to 28 tonne GVM. But they are also responsible for the lives of up to 100 people on the bus, and countless lives outside the bus when they are driving.

The Passenger Transport Regulation 2017 gives criteria for people who apply to hold a Bus Authority card to drive public passenger vehicles. This criteria includes a person that “is of good repute and in all other respects a fit and proper person to be the driver of the vehicle concerned”.

Part of the way that RMS and Transport for NSW ensure that people are suitable to drive public passenger vehicles is the process for requiring a Criminal Record Check as part of their application. This criminal record check gives RMS a snapshot of the character of the person when they are processing the application.

There are some criteria for the Criminal Record Check. The check must be:
  • In all names (including previous names) of the applicant
  • Less than 3 months old
  • Must be through an accredited ACIC (Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission) provider

Many applicants do not include all of their names on their Criminal Record Check. This may be as simple as not including their middle name that is on their driver’s licence.

This slows down the processing time for RMS because the check needs to be perfomed again. In most cases the delay in processing the application is ten working days.

Intertrain has partnered with National Crime Check. A service that works on all devices, including mobile phones.

The Criminal Record Check is a “point in time” check. In other words, it is only convictions that are there today. This is why the check needs to be less than 3 months old.

If the check is any older, it is more likely that there are convictions that have been processed in the time that has elapsed since the check. Ensuring that you have the most recent check means that your application can be processed quickly and easily.

The Crime check must also be performed by a registered ACIC provider. This ensure that Transport for NSW and RMS are getting a certificate that they can trust.

Intertrain has engaged National Crime Check (a registered ACIC provider) to provide Criminal Record Checks for people applying for a Bus Driver Authority. It is completed securely online and is usually returned within one business day

If you have any questions regarding the Bus Driver Authority application process, please contact Intertrain.

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Do You Need A Criminal Record Check?

Intertrain has partnered with National Crime Checkto provide an easy and simple service for people to use to complete their Criminal Record Check. You can click the button below to take you to the Crime Check Page.