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Bus Driver Authority Course

The first step on your journey to becoming a Bus Driver or Coach Driver is to complete the NSW Bus Driver’s Authority Course.

This is mandatory for any person who wishes to drive a Bus or Coach with paying passengers.

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Course Details

Course name:NSW Bus Driver Authority Training

Course Cost:$295 (Online transaction fees may apply)

Online transaction fees may apply:$300.56

Delivery Method:Online (self-paced)

Assessments:Knowledge Tests

Awarded by:Intertrain RTO 41299

Registration:RMS/Transport for NSW

By enrolling in Intertrain’s Bus Driver Authority course, applicant will have online access to the following:

- Course lessons (to be studied at the pace of the applicant)

- Quizzes (to be completed at the pace of the applicant)

- Email, phone and online chat support

- Access to online application and medical forms

By completing our Online Bus Authority Course you will get:

- Digital Certificate

- Link to the RMS site for the online application

- Link to the National Crime check

IMPORTANT: There are two documents required to be qualified to drive a bus in NSW. The first document is a Heavy Vehicle Licence. The second document is a Driver Authority Card. The RMS is responsible for issuing these cards. Intertrain is not responsible for the approval or issuing of either of these documents. Intertrain is approved by the RMS to deliver Bus Authority Training Courses to NSW applicants.

This does not lead to a Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment or Qualification.

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In order to access the Bus Driver Authority Training course with Intertrain, the applicant must have an active internet connection. To successfully complete the course, applicants must:

  • - Be able to read and write simple information in English
  • - Have access to a computer, tablet or phone
  • - Have access to a personal email account
  • - Have access to the internet
  • - Be able to take/upload photos on the device
  • - Be able to navigate basic webpages

NOTE: This course is designed to be completed online. This means that the applicant is able to complete each lesson and quiz at their own pace. However, in order to obtain certification, the course must be successfully completed within 12 months of enrolment.


In order to be eligible to become a Bus Driver in NSW, you must:

  • - Be at least 20 years of age
  • - Have held an unrestricted Australian Driver’s Licence for at least 12 months in the last 2 years
  • - Be an Australian or New Zealand Citizen, a permanent resident of Australia or hold a visa allowing you to work in Australia
  • - Pass a medical examination for a commercial driver

Additional Documentation / Requirements

There are several other crucial documents that the applicant must collect for the application such as:

Once the application is completed, an application checklist and application summary are sent to the applicant. Below is a revised edition of the checklist:

  • - Signed Application Form
  • - Medical Assessment Form
  • - A copy of NSW Driver Licence
  • - Your certificate from Intertrain
  • - Evidence of citizenship and visa status
  • - Applicant Declaration signed
  • - Driving history for the last 5 years (only if you have held a Driver Licence from another state or territory in that time)
  • - A non-refundable application fee ($70) for consideration and processing of your application.

Should you require further information or assistance regarding the process of applying for an NSW Bus Driver Authority, please contact our helpful support team on

1300 222 776

The Next Business Day

Once applicant training is successfully completed, Intertrain will issue an Evidence of Training Certificate within 1-2 business days.

Once the Evidence of the Training Certificate is received, it must be included in the submission of the Bus Driver Authority application. The application to become a Bus Driver in NSW will then be reviewed for approval by the RMS.

All applicants thereafter have 24/7 access to ongoing training and support via www.intertrain.edu.au.

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